Adding A Ductless Mini Split To A Bonus Room In Inman, SC

A Ductless Mini Split – The Perfect Heating and Cooling Solutions for A Bonus Room In Inman, SC

The owners of this lovely home in Inman, SC had recently finished off a “bonus” room over the garage. This large roomy space could be an extra bedroom, a family room, or a home office- but before it became useful, it needed heating and cooling. The homeowners gave us a call here at Blue Ridge Heating and Air to see what we would recommend that would take care of the bonus room, without having to redo their whole HVAC system.

Problem: The finished room over the garage needed a heating and cooling system to make it a year-round functional space for the family.

Solution: A single zone of Mitsubishi ductless heating and cooling will make this space comfortable year-round.

HVAC Solutions For Garages And Bonus Rooms

Lots of homes these days incorporate a room above the garage into the floor plan- it provides some extra living space growing families appreciate- but often these rooms are not connected to the main heating and cooling systems in the house. Even if they are, because the garage space below them is often large and unheated or cooled, these rooms often end up feeling like a sauna in the summer and an icebox in the winter.

If you can make these rooms comfortable, they can provide great space- but without proper climate control, they might as well be storage space, because they’re otherwise too uncomfortable for daily use during a large part of the year.

There are many options for heating and cooling these rooms, including electric baseboards and window air conditioners. However, each of these options has its own issues. Both baseboards and window air conditioners are inefficient, meaning they are expensive to run, and they also require manual operation. That means if you leave the heater on or the AC when you aren’t using the space, you’re spending a fortune keeping a space comfortable when no one is using it, wasting money you could use for something better!

Window units are also VERY noisy. They don’t provide the quiet comfort that ductless heating and air conditioning do.

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Installing Mitsubishi Ductless Heating and AC

When we came to see the home and talk to the homeowners, we knew that a room like this could use a single zone of Mitsubishi Ductless Heating and Cooling unit. Mitsubishi ductless systems don’t require adding any ductwork to your home, which can become a big project.

These systems work as high-efficiency heat pumps, providing both heating and cooling from one unit. This means you don’t have to worry about installing and removing window air conditioners twice a year, or deal with their noise and the drip…drip.. of condensation down below. You also don’t have to lose the use of a window for half the year.

Why Choose Ductless?

Mitsubishi ductless heating and cooling systems are called mini-splits, because they have two main parts- an outdoor condenser unit, and an indoor air distributor, sometimes called a head or cassette. The outdoor unit is a high-efficiency heat pump, that works efficiently even down to -13F and up to over 100F- meaning they can handle all the weather we see here in Inman, SC.

The outdoor unit has a variable speed compressor, which allows the system to use the minimal energy necessary to provide just the right amount of heating or cooling you need- like a dimmer switch on your lights. This allows the system to maintain your chosen comfort level easily, and you won’t get big swings in temperature. It also allows the system to use less energy in the process.

The indoor unit or head is usually mounted up on a wall. In this case, we put it over the window. The system has advanced sensors that monitor the temperature and humidity throughout the space and can evenly distribute hot or cool air to every inch of a room. This eliminates hot and cold spots you’d get with baseboard heaters or window air conditioners.

And these units are super quiet- only 19db, quiet as a whisper. That means whether the homeowners use this space for a home office or a bedroom, they’ll never be bothered from the noise of the unit- inside or out!

Controlling Your Comfort

Mitsubishi ductless systems come with a handheld remote control which allows you to adjust the comfort from wherever you are- or you can even use the Kumo Cloud app on your smartphone to control the temperature when you are away from home!

There’s also an option to include Mitsubishi’s i-See sensors, which actually sense where people are in the room, make sure to direct comfort towards them, and go into standby mode when no one is in the room. This is another feature that saves you money by not using energy to heat or cool the space when you’re not using it!

High-Efficiency Means Savings Every Month

Because Mitsubishi ductless systems are so efficient, with SEER ratings of 17 and higher, they qualify for tax credits under the Inflation Reduction Act- and qualify for rebates from Dominion and Santee Cooper as well- making these systems even more affordable. Best of all, these systems are up to 70% more efficient than baseboards and up to 30% more efficient than other air conditioners- meaning you’ll end up saving money each and every month on your energy bills- something every family can appreciate.

Ductless Mini Splits For Homes In South Carolina

For our homeowners in Inman, their new Mitsubishi heating and cooling system made this extra room over the garage a space they can enjoy all year long. With the handheld remote, they can adjust the temperature as needed, and even turn off the unit if they are on vacation or not using the space for an extended period-saving additional energy.

If you have a room that always seems too hot or too cold, or you’re looking for extra comfort, contact us at Blue Ridge Heating and Air. Our experienced team is ready to help you design a system that meets your needs and your budget!