Installing A Ductless System Into An RV In Taylors, SC

In Taylors, SC, the Owners of a large Recreational Vehicle were using it as permanent housing on their property. The existing system for the RV wasn’t enough to keep the owners comfortable all year long, so they gave us a call to see if we had any solutions to their problem.

Problem: An RV being used for permanent housing had an inadequate HVAC system to keep the owners comfortable.

Solution: A single-zone Mitsubishi ductless heating and air conditioning system will keep the owners comfortable no matter what Mother Nature dishes out.

Ductless Offers Flexible, Innovative Solutions

At Blue Ridge Heating & Air, we pride ourselves in being able to come up with innovative solutions to keep our customers cool and cozy. We want to make sure we design a system, large or small, that performs well, and is cost-effective to operate as well.

In order to make sure this RV was comfortable all year long, we knew we needed a solution that provided both heating and cooling, and did so in small spaces. We needed to make sure the system was also quiet, being that it was going to be operating in a more confined space.

One of the reasons we love Mitsubishi ductless systems is that they are flexible, which allows us to design innovative solutions. Designing a great heating and cooling system for this RV was a fun project. In a space like this one, you we do not have the room for duct work, so airflow is important, as is eliminating hot and cold spots throughout a very linear space with lots of nooks and crannies.

You’ll find Mitsubishi ductless units being used to heat and cool small spaces all over the world- on houseboats in Amsterdam and in over-the-water bungalows in Bora Bora! These systems are designed to be super-efficient heat pumps that take up minimum room, so they are perfect for providing maximum comfort when space is an issue.

For this RV, a typical wall-mounted cassette was not the best option in the main part of the RV. Instead, we were able to choose a floor-mounted unit that fits neatly into the RV and could distribute air evenly throughout the main part of the RV.

Energy-Efficient and Cost Effective

Mitsubishi ductless heat pumps are comprised of two main parts- an outdoor condenser unit and an indoor air distributor unit. As heat pumps, the units use energy to help add or remove heat from the air, and distribute the heated or cool air throughout the space inside.

By using advanced sensors, the indoor units monitor the space for both temperature and humidity, and are easily controlled through a handheld remote or even through a smartphone app! This allows you to set the perfect temperature without even having to get up from your chair!

Energy Efficient

The units also use variable speed condensers, meaning they only need to use a minimal amount of energy to maintain the temperature where you set it- kind of like a dimmer switch on a lamp. The system simply adjusts a little up or down, and this ends up saving you a lot of money in energy bills each month.


The systems run on electric power, so they are also much safer in small spaces like an RV than propane heaters which can be serious fire hazards. And with Mitsubishi ductless being up to 70% more efficient than baseboard heat and up to 30% more efficient in cooling, the monthly energy bills will stay low all year long compared to any other solution!

Our owner was thrilled with the results and can now use the RV year round, and also keep his energy bills low, something any homeowner can appreciate.

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