Alert🚨 Spring Cleaning Fever Is On The Rise!

Hello neighbors. Spring cleaning season is here! Tis the season to venture into those out of sight places in our homes that we reserve for those lost and forgotten treasures that we hold on to. Whether these places be a spare bedroom, utility room, garage, or attic; they all have one thing in common! DUST!!! These spaces are not routinely cleaned or even visited during our normal daily activity. This allows for dust particles to gather and remain undisturbed until now! We dive into this task of cleaning out the clutter and in turn releasing all the gathered dust particles into the air. SNIZZ! Sorry, I couldn’t resist! These dust particles can also be released into the air when dusting surfaces. Especially those surfaces that have not been dusted since the last time we caught this spring fever. Dust is one of many contributing factors to allergies. Other airborne allergens include pet dander, dust mites, mold, and pollen. Oh yeah, Pollen! I hate to even bring it up, but we will be getting our daily pollen count update with the weather forecast before we know it. All of these variables play an impactful role in your home’s ecosystem. This is something we are always developing engineered solutions for here at Blue Ridge Heating & Air. If you don’t know the current condition of the indoor air quality of your home, we ask that you allow us the opportunity to perform an Indoor Air Quality Assessment. During this process, the technician will inspect ductwork, coils, fans, and possible infiltration locations of the home where allergens can be introduced. An IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) Analyzer will be used to test current levels of good and possibly harmful factors of your air. Upon completion of the assessment, the technician will report the findings to you and answer any questions you may have. So, the only question now is: Do you know the quality of the air your family is breathing?