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  • Check Thermostat Operations
  • Check Run Capacitors
  • Test Start Capacitors 
  • Inspect Outdoor Coil And Report Condition to Customer
  • Inspection Of Condensation Drains
  • Inspection Of Safety Devices 
  • Inspect Contactors, Relays, and Circuit Boards
  • Test Fan Motors
  • Inspect Power Disconnects
  • Inspect Duct Seal At Unit And Secure Panels
  • Inspect Indoor Coil and Report Condition To Customer (only if accessible and won’t disturb any seal on a cabinet) 
  • Cooling Efficiency
  • Check Temperature Readings 
  • Test Compressor 
  • Check Defrost Components 
  • Inspect Wiring & Connections
  • Inspect Blower Wheel For Dirt Build Up
  • Indoor Air Quality Assessment 
  • (Q&A) HVAC/ IAQ Questions You May Have
  • Discuss Any Necessary Repairs
  • Clean Washable Filter Or Replace (customer-supplied)
  • Run & Test System
  • Condition-based outdoor coil cleaning
  • Evap Coil No Foam Rinse
  • Clean Flame Rod
  • Clean and Flush Drain Line
  • Tighten discovered loose connections
  • Remove debris from the outdoor unit
  • Replace batteries (owner-supplied) on thermostats and mini-split remotes if needed
  • Replace missing service caps

Regular Price: $191.00

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