A Whole-Home Humidifier in the Carolinas

Most folks in the Carolinas only think about the impact of high humidity on the heat index in the summertime, meaning you feel hotter than the temperature alone should make you feel. Humidity in the air holds heat, and you feel it in July and August. What you may not realize is that low humidity can make you “feel” colder than it really is. A whole-home humidifier can give you control of this.

If your home has a gas furnace, it likely dries out the air in your home when the outside conditions are cold and dry. Your furnace is running several hours a day and effectively extracts moisture from your home. This reduces the ability of the air in your home to hold heat.

Dry air in your home can have negative health effects beyond simple comfort. WebMD reports dry skin and parched nasal passages that can lead to nosebleeds and increased vulnerability to other sicknesses. Additionally, the irritant of the frequent static shocks we experience in dry winters can’t be overlooked.

Watch this brief video by Aprilaire that gives an overview of the impact of dry air in the home.

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