Snakes on an HVAC

Every so often, wildlife makes its mark on a homeowner’s heating and air system. Blue Ridge Heating and Air is not a wildlife removal company, but we find ourselves having to do so on occasion, as long as we feel safe doing so.

This past spring, we performed a preventive maintenance on an air conditioner and gas furnace for a Blue Ridge Comfort Maintenance Plan customer and left the system in “factory fresh” running condition. To our surprise, the customer called us about a month later claiming that their air conditioning unit was not cooling their home.

Upon investigating the condensing unit outside of the home, it was readily apparent what the issue was. You can see for yourself in the video below. A snake had been crawling through the unit when the fan was activated. The fan caught the snake, while the snake prevented the fan from turning.

You can view the video on YouTube subscribe to our YouTube channel below.

Sometimes failures are truly random. Blue Ridge Heating and Air is always here to help you get your system running smoothly again.