Five Benefits Of Replacing An Air Filter In Your Home

Air filters can be hard to keep up with. They need to be replaced often, and many people don’t believe that they’re necessary to replace. But this is not true; in fact, the benefits of replacing an air filter go beyond just making the air a bit cleaner. They not only improve the air quality inside your house, but keeping them clean also results in longer-lasting HVAC systems. This is much cheaper than having to replace them more than needed!

I’ve been working with HVAC systems for several years now, and have seen a few where the homeowner doesn’t change the filter. It has led to breakdowns, dirty air, and higher energy bills in different cases. This article will help break down the benefits of repacing your air filter, and what may happen if you don’t!

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The Benefits Of Changing The Air Filter In Your Home

There are many benefits of changing the air filter in your home. It’s a simple task that should be performed regularly, and does a lot for your health, and home comfort.

  1. First of all, dirty air filters may cause dirty ducts. We offer a service for duct cleaning if this happens to be the case. You can read about it in our “Getting your Ducts in a row” blog.
  2. Dirty air filters may also lead to impure air and foul smells in your home (see more at But the huge issue is that these uncleaned filters are at a high risk of damaging the air system in your home, and creating higher priced problems further down the road.
  3. Not only are there bad effects of not replacing your air filter, but there are benefits to changing them and keeping them clean! Regularly changed filters help reduce viruses and other contaminants that may be in the air. The cleaner the filter, the cleaner the air in your home.
  4. Regularly cleaned air filters will help your HVAC system function better. Instead of having to work harder and blow air through a dirty filter, the clean filter allows the air to flow easily, lessening the job it has to do.
  5. A clean air filter will lead to better comfort. If the air can flow through your system more easily, it will be able to reach every space in the home more easily as well. If you have a clean and clear filter, the air should flow through your system with no problem.

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How often should you really change the air filter in your house?

You should change the filter in your house every 2 months. In the offseason, like the spring and fall you can probably change it fewer times, as the HVAC system isn’t running. During the winter and summer, you should change it frequently.

What happens if you don’t change the air filter in your house?

If you don’t change the air filter in your house, it will lead to unhealthy air, problems with airflow, and problems with your HVAC system. This could also lead to increased illness and breathing issues.

Does changing the air filter make a difference at home?

Yes, changing the air filter makes a big difference at home. it makes the air cleaner and healthier to breathe. It also keeps the air flowing properly in your home, and makes the HVAC system run more efficiently.