Filter Fresh Air with Aprilaire

When choosing new HVAC systems, you must get not only the best equipment, but also a trustworthy service and maintenance provider. Whether you are thinking about a new system or already have one, you also want the best air filters to make your system perform excellently and last a long time. Being the customer, you want to live comfortably and save money, and by choosing the best filters, you can accomplish both! Filters are vital because they filtrate dust, pollen, small particles, odor, chemicals, and other debris that could harm the customer and their home. Without proper filters, particles are entering your lungs, and you may not even know it, so it is essential to find reliable brands for top-tier performance. Plus, you can save money in two ways by using quality filters. One: if you have a filter that is not working properly, then you might find yourself having to replace filters more often, or even worse, damaging your air conditioning system creating extra expense to fix. So, having a high-end air purification filter minimizes the amount of money needed to maintain and repair your system. Two: when your filter is working properly, the air is flowing smoothly, but if your filter isn’t working well, the whole system can not breathe and does not operate efficiently. As a result, your system will have higher energy consumption, which will cost more money on your power bill.

Blue Ridge Heating & Air recommends Aprilaire Air Purifiers for your heating and air equipment. They produce high-quality engineered solutions to best fit the customer, meeting their air quality needs. These include removing pollen, mold, bacteria, pet dander, and dust from the air, which improves your home’s indoor air quality, allowing you to vacuum and dust less. Plus, Aprilaire products shield your family from smoke, pollution, and viruses, removing up to 99% of asthma triggers. In addition, Aprilaire specializes in its products using self-seal and interlocking rail system technology. Self-seal technology allows a proper seal in the system’s vents to prevent air leakage and maximize indoor air quality and system protection. Plus, interlocking rail systems allow the filter to perform without complicated assembly, or cardboard and metal reinforcements. They supply a variety of models and types to meet customers’ indoor air quality needs with most systems.

Once an Aprilaire Air Purifier is installed, you can purchase replacement filters from the Blue Ridge Heating & Air store, and they will be delivered to your home. Plus, they contain easy instructions on their boxes. We recommend the Aprilaire Healthy Home Air Purifier, 2-Pack, which can be purchased at the Blue Ridge Heating & Air store. STORE | Blue Ridge Heating and Air