Replacing An Old Air Conditioner – Gas Furnace System In Pelham Falls Subdivision In Greer, SC

When the existing a/c-gas system failed at the Clubhouse for the Pelham Falls Homeowners Association (HOA), they needed a solution that would get them back up and running quickly. With lots of events including the swim team scheduled to use the space, they needed a new heating and cooling system that would keep the place comfortable, and operate efficiently.

The HOA gave us a call here at Blue Ridge Heating and Air to see what we would recommend. We took a look at the old system, and noted that it was significantly oversized for the size of the Clubhouse.

I’ve been installing heating and cooling systems in the Greer, SC area for years, and knew that this shouldn’t be too tough of a fix. After designing many HVAC systems in spaces exactly like this one, I wanted to be sure it was optimized not just for comfort, but also for energy efficiency.

Problem: Homeowners Association Clubhouse had an old a/c – gas system that was no longer working. They needed it up and running again quickly due to summer events held there, including events for the neighborhood swim team.

Solution: Replace the current system with a properly sized heating and air conditioning system.

The Problems With An Oversized Unit

You might not think an HVAC system that’s “bigger” than it needs to be would be a problem, but it is! When we did the calculations and performed a heat load test for the HOA clubhouse, we knew that a 3.5-ton system would be a perfect fit to adequately cool and heat the clubhouse. The previous system was 5 tons, significantly oversized.

Systems that are oversized heat and cool the space in a shorter time, however, this leads to short-cycling problems. When your AC runs, it is not only adjusting the temperature, but it’s also adjusting the humidity in your space. If your system is always powering on and off, it’s never running long enough to really reduce the humidity- so you get a space that may be cool, but it’s still sticky!

Short Cycling Means Wasted Money

Short cycling of heating and cooling significantly increases the wear and tear on your system, and it costs you a LOT more in your energy bills as well! That means a system that might be expected to last 15-20 years may end up needing to be replaced significantly sooner- and system replacement is always an expensive proposition.

The short cycling process also wastes energy. Larger outputs in smaller amounts of time put more stress on the system, and use more energy. When you have a properly sized system that runs smoothly, it can maintain your temperature, and uses less energy than the larger system.

That’s why at Blue Ridge Heating & Air, we’re always careful about doing the proper calculations and making sure any system we recommend is properly sized for your home or business.

Having a properly sized system will not only deliver the comfort you want, but it will greatly reduce your energy bills as well. And right-sized systems can also end up being cheaper than an oversized system as well- you’re paying for the performance you need!

Replacing The Air Conditioner

CoolingWe not only did a heat load calculation, but we also took a good look at the ductwork in the building, and it was clear that a 3.5-ton system was going to work well, and was properly sized. We installed a Concord single-stage air conditioner, an Armstrong Upflow indoor unit, and a Concord Constant Torque gas furnace. The Concord constant torque furnace has a powerful ECM motor that you’ll see in higher-end variable speed furnaces, but at a fraction of the cost. This also increases efficiency, meaning that the HOA will have lower upfront costs and lower energy bills each month.

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Getting Them Back to Comfort Quickly

With a new HVAC system installed quickly, the HOA was back in business, with greater comfort that would last year-round. Best of all, we were able to recommend and install a new system that was cost-effective. The new system would not only make the HOA clubhouse more comfortable, but it would also prevent their energy bills from being as high as they had been. They now have a properly sized system that will last them years, and their monthly energy bills should be significantly lower- a win-win for everyone!

If you have an HVAC system that keeps leaving you hot under the collar, give us a call here at Blue Ridge Heating & Air. We’ll help you figure out a solution that works with your budget and will deliver the comfort you crave at a price you can afford. Let our experts help you make the best decision for your home or business.