Replacing An HVAC System In Brevard, NC

This lovely ranch home in Brevard was having a problem. The heating and cooling system had been struggling, and finally gave out, no longer cooling the home at all. With the weather we have around here, having your AC go out is no joke- you can get uncomfortable pretty fast! They gave us a call here at Blue Ridge Heating and Air, to consider a replacement system.

Problem: Homeowners called because their HVAC system wasn’t cooling the house, leaving them hot and uncomfortable.

Solution: Replace their old, aging system with a high-efficiency York LX series furnace and single-stage air conditioner.

When It’s Time To Replace your Heating & Air Conditioning

If your current HVAC system is more than 10 years old, it’s likely out of warranty. And just like when your car starts getting to be “high mileage”, systems older than 10 years old are starting to get to the point where the costs for repairs start to add up, and you have to decide whether it’s time just to replace the whole darn thing.

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Benefits to Replacement

When you replace an older heating and cooling system, there is a silver lining. Newer systems have become much more efficient, meaning they can produce more comfort using less energy, which reduces your electric and gas bills each and every month.

This efficiency improvement also comes with some savings- local energy companies like Duke Energy have rebates for updating your systems, and under the new Inflation Reduction Act, a new more efficient HVAC system could earn you tax credits up to $2,000- that helps make the expense of a new system more affordable for sure!

Replacing AC and Heating At The Same Time

When you replace your air conditioning, many times we recommend you replace your furnace at the same time. Why is this?

AC and heating systems are “matched” kind of like your washer and dryer are matched, and when one starts to go, it’s often a sign the other isn’t far behind. Mismatched systems also can decrease performance, and you won’t get the comfort benefits you should with a mismatched system.

Furnaces often get pinhole leaks in their heat exchangers, which can be a really dangerous situation, leaking carbon monoxide into your home. This happens due to metal fatigue, from constant heating and cooling, and over time, the metal gives out. You can’t diagnose this without taking a look at the heat exchanger, which technicians can do as they replace your AC.

Many times when someone plans just to replace their AC and not their furnace, we discover signs of metal fatigue when we start the replacement, and then we’re forced to replace the furnace anyway- which can prolong the job- and your discomfort too!

You can also save significantly on labor costs by replacing both systems at the same time.

Both furnaces and air conditioner systems depend on common components like the “blower” that helps distribute the heated or cooled air throughout your home through your ductwork. Having a matched heating, cooling, and blower or distribution system makes sure all components can work well together, and you get the comfort and efficiency you deserve.

Comfort at Last with York

York is part of Johnson Controls, a world-class leader in manufacturing. York comfort systems, like the single-stage AC system and LX furnace our homeowners chose, are known for their longevity and their value.

It took a total of four days to replace the air conditioning and furnace for our homeowners. They’ve been really happy with the results, and their home is now a great place- every day of the year. And best of all, they are already seeing a change in their energy bills- something every family can really appreciate!

And our installers here at Blue Ridge take the time to find the right location for the outdoor equipment, and built this special platform to help make sure the outdoor system will be free from leaves and debris that can affect its performance, as pictured above!

Give us a Call- We’re Here to Help!

If your heating or cooling system is leaving you in the lurch, give us a call here at Blue Ridge Heating and Air. We’re happy to help with any repairs, and if you need or want a replacement, we’ll help you find the perfect system that will give you the comfort you crave while keeping within your budget- that makes everyone happy! Give us a call today and let’s help you get comfortable!