Installing A Mitsubishi Hyper Heat Ductless In Greenville, SC

The owners of this ranch style home in Greenville, SC were making some renovations, and upgrading the heat was on their list. There was a workout area and living space with great views of the wooded lot that they needed heating in, as well as the master bedroom.

They often were chilly and a bit clammy- and the existing heating solution was older electric baseboard heating, which the homeowners were worried about in terms of safety. The homeowners had heard about ductless heating and cooling and gave us a call here at Blue Ridge Heating & Air Conditioning to learn more.

Problem: Homeowners had old baseboard heating in the home they were concerned about because of its age. They were looking for an overall solution that would keep them comfortable all year long.

Solution: A two zone, Mitsubishi Hyper Heat ductless mini split installation to provide heating and air conditioning that will keep the bedroom and living space comfortable all year long!

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Choosing Ductless Heating and Air Conditioning

When we came out to see the home, we understood right away what the owners were concerned about. Electric baseboard heating was popular for many years, but it isn’t very energy efficient, and it certainly does nothing to address humidity, a problem you often see in basements.

In addition, you have to be careful with putting furniture, curtains, and other items up next to baseboard heaters- we’ve seen people accidentally “melt” laundry baskets and even the soles of shoes when they get too close to baseboard heaters!

When you want to make a basement more comfortable, you need to worry about both temperature and humidity, and that’s something Mitsubishi Ductless heating and cooling systems do very well.

Why Ductless Mini Splits Are A Good Option

Mitsubishi Ductless systems are designed to create zones of heating and air conditioning where you need them most- whether or not you have ductwork in your home! These systems have two main parts- an outdoor condenser unit that then connects to the indoor unit, often mounted up high on a wall, out of the way.

The indoor unit, often called a head or cassette, has advanced sensors which help monitor the room for temperature and humidity, and they do an amazing job at maintaining a consistent level of comfort throughout a space.

Mitsubishi ductless systems are heat pumps and designed to work efficiently whether it’s -13F or over 100F! The system uses refrigerant in the lines that connect the two parts of the system to transfer heat. Even at very low temperatures outdoors in the winter it finds enough heat and pumps it into your home. In the summer the process is reversed, and takes the heat out of your home, transferring it outside.

Unlike conventional heat pumps, Mitsubishi Hyper Heat systems are designed to work efficiently even when it’s really cold outside- and heat pumps can be up to 70% more efficient than baseboard heating! That makes a heat pump a great option to provide the comfort you want while saving you money on your energy bills each month!

Making The Whole Home Comfortable With Ductless Mini Splits

For our homeowners in Greenville, they wanted to make sure the bedroom and the rest of the living space were comfortable all year long. We designed a system that would have two zones of comfort- one head in the bedroom and another in the living space. These heads could be connected to the same outdoor unit, but each can be controlled independently from a handheld remote, or from the Kumo Cloud app on your smartphone! With this zoned comfort, it means that the temperature in the bedroom can be set independently from the living space and vice versa, meeting everyone’s comfort needs.

The mini splits are mounted up on the wall, as you can see from the pictures- out of the way, and placed so they can evenly distribute comfort everywhere. That eliminates the hot and cold spots you get with other solutions, and you don’t have to worry about where you place your furniture or curtains!

If the rooms aren’t occupied, they can put the units in power save mode or turn them off all together- and not spend money on heating or cooling a space that’s not in use. That will lead to big energy savings- and smaller energy bills each month along with improved comfort.

Saving Money With Rebates And Tax Credits

One of the best things about Mitsubishi Ductless systems is that, due to their high energy efficiency, they qualify for rebates AND the new tax credits under the Inflation Reduction Act, up to $2,000! That helps make a new ductless system like our homeowners in Greenville installed more affordable to install than ever.

Our homeowners were able to get the additional comfort they needed to make their home comfortable all year long, at an affordable cost to install and operate. In addition, the warranties and yearly maintenance will help these systems run well for the homeowners for years!

Installing Ductless Mini Splits In Greenville, SC

If you live in the Greenville, SC area and are looking for more comfort in those hard-to-heat and cool areas of your home- basements, bonus rooms, attics, garages, or even high-ceilinged spaces, give us a call at Blue Ridge Heating and Air Conditioning.

We can help you see if installing mini splits is the right choice, or maybe a different HVAC system is the solution for your home. Our experts have been designing systems for all types of homes with great success, and we’d love to help you make the most of your home as well!