Installing A Mitsubishi Ductless Mini Split In Brevard, NC

In Brevard, NC, lots of homes were built with HVAC systems that only addressed heating or cooling, but not always both. That was the case for this homeowner in downtown Brevard.

This homeowner has a one-bedroom apartment on their property, but it only had baseboard heating. For air conditioning in the summer, they would install a window air conditioner unit. This got the job done but comes with plenty of drawbacks. We’ll get into those in a bit.

When the homeowner called us up, he wanted a better heating and air conditioning solution for his tenant. The baseboard heat and window air conditioner were fine, but they weren’t the most comfortable and also weren’t the most efficient. He also didn’t want his tenant to have to deal with a noisy window AC all summer. He was looking for an HVAC solution that could cover both heating and cooling.

Installing A Single Zone Mitsubishi Ductless Unit

After looking at the apartment, we knew that a single-zone ductless unit was a perfect fit to heat and cool this space. The space was just the right size for a single zone, without needing a second ductless unit. This would replace both the baseboard heating, and the window air conditioner.

The exact unit we installed was 1 Mitsubishi 15,000 BTU Heat Pump with a single mini split. This means there is one condenser outside, that connects to the actual mini split inside, which is what distributes the treated air.

The Benefits Of A Ductless Mini Split

Our homeowner had heard of ductless mini splits, and by the time they called us, had done a bit of research on the systems as well. We love installing ductless heating and cooling systems for a few reasons:

  • Energy Efficiency – Ductless heat pumps are some of the most energy-efficient HVAC systems available. Ductless mini splits can be up to 30% more efficient for cooling, and up to 60% more efficient compared to certain heating systems.
  • Lower Energy Bills – Due to reduced energy consumption, especially compared to window AC and baseboard heating, the energy bills for this tenant should be lower.
  • Whisper Quiet – Ductless mini splits are far quieter than traditional HVAC systems. They are designed to operate at a very low noise level, seeing as they are inside your home. Window AC units are awful, and traditional HVAC systems usually turn off and on, and emit a faint buzzing noise as they run.
  • No Ductwork Required – Installing new ductwork can be expensive, and also intrusive. Not every home has space for it in the walls, and ripping apart a home to install ductwork can be frustrating for homeowners. Ductless systems use a small amount of tubing that is put through a small hole in your wall, with minimal invasiveness, and no ductwork needed.
  • Better For The Environment – Ductless mini splits use less energy than traditional systems, as we mentioned above. This is great for your wallet, but it’s also great for the environment. Less energy used results in fewer emissions, and less of an impact on the environment.

Tax Credits For New Heat Pumps

As a part of the Inflation Reduction Act, certain heat pumps qualify for tax credits. As of 2023, you can qualify for 30% of the cost of your heat pump, up to $2000, as a tax credit. This is a way for the government to incentivize homeowners to install energy-efficient equipment and lessen the impact we have on the environment.

If you have any questions about what heat pumps qualify for tax credits, just give us a call at (828) 415-3335, or click here to contact us online.

Ductless Mini Splits VS Window AC

When you look at ductless mini splits vs window units, the first thing you probably notice is that the mini split is a lot more expensive to install. Well, there are a few great reasons for that.

Mini Splits Provide Superior Comfort

First of all and most importantly, mini splits provide better comfort than window AC units. They disperse the air more evenly throughout a space, and using inverter technology, they can maintain a temperature. Rather than the up and down temps provided by other systems, a ductless unit gets to its target and keeps the temperature there.

Window AC units tend to make one space in the room far colder than the rest, and it’s difficult to get the precise temperature you seek. It’s not even close when it comes to comfort.

Mini Splits Are Far Quieter Than Window AC

We mentioned this briefly already, but a mini split is so much quieter than a window AC unit. Anyone who has used a window AC knows how noisy it can be. Watching tv or going to sleep while the AC drones on and on can be frustrating.

Ductless mini splits are about 3-5X quieter than window AC units, and it’s very noticeable. When you are in a room with a ductless mini split, you’d never even know it was running, other than the great cooling.

This is a reason ductless units are becoming so much more popular in restaurants and offices. Being able to provide zoned cooling and heating, while not making any noticeable noise is a huge benefit.

Mini Splits Last Years Longer

Another reason ductless is superior to window AC is its lifespan. Ductless units tend to last about 20 years, as long as they are well-maintained. A window AC usually lasts between 8 – 10 years, and at that point, they are usually in pretty bad shape.

Better Energy Efficiency

We’ve also already mentioned this before, but energy efficiency is one of the best parts of ductless mini splits. They are designed to use less energy than traditional HVAC systems, and less energy than window AC as well.

When you replace a window AC with a ductless mini split, you should notice a decrease in your electric bill in the coming months.

Is A Ductless Heat Pump Right For Your Home?

Luckily for us, Brevard, NC is a perfect area for homes that install ductless heat pumps. The weather doesn’t get cold enough for a heat pump to be ineffective. They are great for homes with additions and sunrooms, or homes that don’t have the room for ductwork.

We’d have to take a look at your home and HVAC situation to be sure what the best solution is for you, but we can say with confidence that ductless mini splits are a great fit for most homes or businesses.

Give us a call at (828) 415-3335, or click here to contact us online. We can help you pick the right heating and cooling solution for your home!