Installing A Mini Split Into A Greer Home’s Garage

The homeowners of this great home in Sugar Creek in Greer, SC wanted to get more use out of their garage. Turning the garage into project space and family space would really help this growing family make the most out of their home. But without heating and cooling, the space was often WAY too hot for comfort or freezing cold in the winter.

The homeowners had rigged up a portable air conditioner to one window to try and get some relief, but they were looking for a more energy-efficient and permanent solution. They wanted to turn the garage into part of their home living space.

Problem: Homeowners wanted to be able to use the garage year-round for project space, but without its own heating and cooling, the space wasn’t comfortable.

Solution: A single zone of Mitsubishi Ductless heating and cooling will make this garage comfortable every day of the year!

Challenges With Garages

Most garages are built to house cars, and as a result, they aren’t hooked up to your main home HVAC system, and they often aren’t well insulated. With concrete slab floors, few windows, and poor insulation, garages tend to trap heat in the summer and become ice boxes in the winter.

In order to turn a garage into usable living and working space, you need a system that can both heat and cool the room, and do it without adding additional stress on the heating and cooling system for the rest of your home. When the homeowners came to us with their plans, we knew a great option would be a single zone Mitsubishi ductless mini split, that can both heat and cool the garage.

Why Install Ductless?

Mitsubishi ductless systems are high-efficiency heat pumps that work well whether it’s -13 degrees or over 100 degrees outdoors. They can provide both heating and cooling from the same system, meaning you won’t need a separate heater or air conditioner. And because the advanced sensors monitor temperature and humidity in your space, you’ll always be assured of perfect comfort.

Mitsubishi ductless systems consist of two main parts- an outdoor condenser unit which then connects via small lines to an indoor, usually wall-mounted unit, sometimes called a head or cassette. The outdoor unit has a variable-speed compressor, which means it uses the minimal amount of energy needed to add or remove heat from your home, something you usually find only on high-end, whole-home systems.

The variable speed compressor acts like cruise control on your car- making tiny adjustments, using very little energy, to keep you perfectly comfortable. This fine adjustment helps make the system extra efficient, which translates into using less energy and keeping your utility bills low!

We also take the extra step here at Blue Ridge Heating and Air to mount the outdoor units above the ground, so they are less likely to get leaves, sticks, and other debris inside of it. This helps to make the systems easier to maintain and extend their life.

Better Comfort Control

We mounted the indoor cassette up on the wall, where it was positioned to be able to monitor the comfort levels in the room and help evenly distribute air throughout the space. This means eliminating the hot and cold spots you’d get with baseboard or space heaters. You can control the system with a convenient hand-held remote, or use the Kumo Cloud app on your smartphone, giving you pinpoint control over your comfort.

The systems can also be equipped with 3D “I- See” sensors, that can sense where (and when) people are in the space, directing comfort towards them, and going into standby mode when the room is unoccupied, helping you get the benefit of comfort when you need it, and saving money on not using any extra energy to heat or cool the space when its unoccupied.

As an added benefit for this new living space, Mitsubishi ductless systems have the advantage of being whisper quiet- 19 db! That means you’ll never have to raise your voice or turn up the volume on the TV when the system kicks on- it’s almost silent! So whether the family uses this space as a family room, home office, or guest room, they will get perfectly quiet comfort all year long.

Upgraded Energy Efficiency

Because Mitsubishi ductless systems are so energy efficient, they qualify for rebates from Duke Energy and new tax credits under the Inflation Reduction Act, up to $2,000.00, depending on the system you install. That can help make adding additional comfort to your home even more affordable.

Installing Ductless Mini Splits In Greer, SC

The family really appreciated their new Mitsubishi Ductless heating and cooling system, and how it helped turn their old garage into a really functional family space.

If you have a space in your home that’s always too hot or too cold, or you’re looking to add more comfort to a garage, attic, sunroom, or bonus room, give us a call here at Blue Ridge Heating and Air. Our experts will help design a perfect solution for your home, giving you the comfort you want, while keeping an eye on your budget and bottom line.