Installing A Heat Pump Into A Sugar Creek Home

HVAC systems are a bit like legos- you have to fit the proper pieces together to get an end result you’ll love. In this case, installing a heat pump was the missing lego that brought this masterpiece together.

For these homeowners, their existing HVAC system for their lovely home in Greer, in the Sugar Creek neighborhood, was on its last legs and was no longer cooling properly. The system was over 10 years old and was starting to short cycle- turning on and off frequently, which was burning out the components without actually getting the home cool. Knowing it was time to replace the system, the homeowners gave us a call here at Blue Ridge Heating & Air to see what we could recommend.

When we came out to the home, we knew their aging system was on its last legs. But there are so many options and choices, which one would be best for them?

Problem: The existing system in this colonial-style home in Sugar Creek wasn’t cooling properly, leaving the homeowners hot under the collar.

Solution: Replace the aging system with a new Armstrong heat pump with variable speed that will keep the family comfortable all year long.

Replacing An Old AC With A Heat Pump

In our area of the country, you can opt for a standard furnace and central air conditioning system, or you can choose a heat pump.

A heat pump can both heat and cool your home, but it uses much less energy than a furnace, boiler, or electric radiator does. Heat pumps have a special refrigerant that absorbs the surrounding heat from outside your home and transfers it inside to heat your home, or it can absorb the heat from inside your home, transferring it outside- cooling you off- as needed to keep you comfortable.

Air source heat pumps can collect heat from the outside air– even when it gets into the negative numbers- and still use that heat to keep you warm and toasty inside.

Heat pumps can be hooked up to your existing duct work, and it’s similar to installing central air conditioning. The external “condenser unit” is paired with a blower or air handler that then distributes the air throughout your home and the existing ductwork- it’s as simple as that.

Benefits of Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are really energy efficient, using up to 30% less energy to cool your home and up to 70% less energy to heat it!

Heat pumps are also eco-friendly- they can trim your carbon dioxide emissions since they don’t burn gas or oil by up to 40% according to Consumer Reports. For homes in North Carolina, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory says that replacing your existing system with a high-efficiency heat pump can help save energy and pay a homeowner back in less than 5 years, saving you between $966 and $1,324 in energy costs per year!

Keeping our Homeowners Comfortable- and Costs Low

When the homeowners called us, they knew it was time to replace their aging system, and after doing a Load calculation- what size system would they need, and what would work best- we helped them compare and contrast options that would keep them comfortable and work within their budget.

They opted for a single-stage Armstrong Heat pump that would be able to provide both heat and AC to the home, and an Armstrong variable speed air handler to match. Armstrong has the best-predicted reliability ratings from Consumer Reports and has high rates of owner satisfaction as well!

This Armstrong heat pump also comes with Quiet Shift technology- that allows the heat pumps to enter defrost mode without excessive noise. Since refrigerant pressure is allowed to equalize before the switch, the heat pump can dissipate performance-robbing frost and ice quietly.

Energy Efficiency Improvements Save Money

The new Armstrong heat pump and variable speed air handler are so efficient, that they qualify for rebates and tax credits from your local energy company and for tax credits under the new Inflation Reduction Act- up to $2,000 on qualifying systems. That makes upgrading your system to a more energy-efficient choice can save you money up front as well as every month on your energy bills.

Making The Best Choice for You

If your home HVAC system just isn’t giving you the heat or cooling that it used to, give us a call here at Blue Ridge Heating and Air. Our expert team can help evaluate your system and make sure it’s running well, or if you need to replace it, we can help you get the best deal possible while improving your energy use. We want to make sure your monthly bills stay under control, while you also have improved comfort. We’ll design a system that will give you the comfort you crave and keep your budget in mind as well!