A Two Zone Ductless Mini Split Installation in Greer, SC

A Multi-Zone Ductless Mini Split Installation in Greer, SC

This lovely one-story ranch home with a basement in the Sugar Creek neighborhood was being renovated by the homeowners. They were enclosing what had been a screened-in porch, and this new room would need heating and cooling. They also had a walk-in basement. And like many basements, the rooms below grade were never as comfortable as the rest of the house. The homeowner gave us a call here at Blue Ridge Heating & Cooling to see what we could suggest to solve the heating and cooling issues at the home.

Problem: A new enclosed porch needed heating and cooling- and the rooms in the basement were always too hot or too cold. The homeowners were searching for a solution that would make these rooms comfortable and not break the bank in installation or operating costs.

Solution: Two zoned Mitsubishi Ductless heating and air conditioning will give the homeowners the comfort they need in these spaces all year round while saving money on energy bills.

Heating And Cooling A Patio Addition

When the homeowners gave us a call about their new project, we knew right away that a supplemental heating and cooling system would be a great option, rather than add additional construction costs for ductwork. Adding ductwork would also add stress to their current HVAC system.

As we began to look at solutions for the home, the homeowners mentioned that their basement was always uncomfortable- too hot or too cold, and could we solve this problem too?

That’s when we knew that a two-zoned Mitsubishi ductless system would be the perfect solution for this home.

Why Mitsubishi Ductless?

As we mentioned, we didn’t want to replace the current HVAC system, but instead add something that can make up for some of its problem areas. A ductless mini split can both heat and cool, so there’s one huge benefit.

Secondly, they can work independently of each other. This means if no one is in the patio, but someone is in the basement, they don’t have to run both units. They can save energy by only comforting the space they need to. This is called “Zoned” HVAC.

They were able to make sure each space is both heated and cooled, while using the least amount of energy possible, and not having to add any ductwork.

Mitsubishi ductless systems provide energy-efficient heating and cooling. They are heat pumps, so they draw heat from the surrounding air to heat a home, or pull it out of the air to cool a room, based on need. These mini split systems have sensors that help monitor the room for temperature and humidity, and adjust so they keep the room comfortable.

They also distribute the heated or cooled air evenly throughout the space, eliminating hot or cold spots you’d get with window units, a space heater, or baseboard heating.

What Does A Ductless System Look Like?

A Mitsubishi ductless system consists of two parts- an outdoor condenser unit, which looks like a smaller version of a “standard” air conditioner condenser. Because it’s so small, it’s easy to install it near your house but out of the way, – in this case, under the porch and above the ground, so it doesn’t get blocked by leaves or other yard debris.

The outdoor unit can then connect to the indoor unit, often called a cassette or head, through thin line set that runs alongside the home. The indoor unit is often mounted up on a wall, out of the way, in a position where it can distribute the air efficiently throughout.

One outdoor condenser can power up to eight indoor units, each one creating a separate zone of heating and cooling, wherever it is located. For this home, we needed two zones- one for the enclosed porch, and one for the basement.

As you can see from the pictures, the indoor head is located up near the ceiling, out of the way. It can be controlled by a handheld remote. Or you can use the Kumo Cloud app on your smartphone to control the unit. This gives you the ability to turn the unit on or off, even when you are away from home or on vacation!

Our homeowners loved the idea of being able to adjust the temperature to the perfect level before they went downstairs to work on projects, or on the enclosed porch before they went out to have their coffee in the morning. In the summer, they add cool air to make the porch the perfect place to sip iced tea in the afternoon, and they can use it in the dead of winter by getting heat from the same unit!

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Allergy Friendly

One bonus for our homeowners was the fact that Mitsubishi ductless units help filter the air by continuously circulating it and removing dust and pollen in the process. This gives them higher-quality air at home, and can be a real benefit if anyone in the home suffers from seasonal allergies. We do recommend a yearly maintenance visit to make sure your system’s filters are cleaned to make sure you get the best quality air all year long.

Higher Efficiency Means Energy Savings

Best of all, Mitsubishi ductless systems are energy efficient. They can be up to 70% more efficient in heating and 30% more efficient in cooling than standard solutions. With high SEER ratings and inverter technology, it means they are some of the most efficient heating and cooling products on the market!

Our homeowners will have both areas of their home zoned so they can control the comfort to their preference- without affecting the heating or cooling in the rest of the house. Because the system is so efficient, this means they should be able to see a reduction in their energy bills every month- even while getting additional comfort. These new mini splits should alleviate some of the job on the main system.

Zones Can Help You Save Money!

By creating separate zones, they can heat or cool the areas as needed- and not worry about wasting energy on those areas when not in use. For example, the porch has lots of windows and can get pretty warm during the day- but if the homeowners aren’t home, why spend money trying to cool the porch if you aren’t using it? All they have to do is press a button on their smartphone app and begin cooling to porch down on their way home from work, and it will be perfectly comfortable by the time they get home!

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Installing A Ductless Mini Split In Sugar Creek

If you have areas of your home that are too hot or too cold, give us a call at Blue Ridge Heating and Air. Our experts can help design a system to fit your budget and let you get the comfort you’re craving, to truly enjoy all areas of your home. And with the new tax credits for installing highly efficient systems like Mitsubishi Ductless, these solutions are more affordable than ever. Just give us a call to learn more!