A Multi-Zone Ductless Mini Split System In Brevard, NC

A Multi-Zone Ductless Mini Split System Supplements Baseboard Heating In Brevard, NC

The owners of this stick build home in Brevard were looking for additional comfort in both the winter and summer. They were using Monitor oil heat, along with electric baseboards to heat their home, and they were relying on window air conditioners in the summer. 

They gave us a call here at Blue Ridge Heating and Air to see what we could do to upgrade their home comfort, and also help them keep the energy bills under control. The first thing we did was evaluating their current system, and see what we could improve.

Problem: Homeowner contacted us, looking for other options to heat and cool their home- they were using baseboard heating, Monitor oil heat and window air conditioners.

Solution: A two zone Mitsubishi Hyperheat Ductless system will help keep the family warm in the winter and cool in the summer- and save money on their energy bills each month!

The Oil Heat/Space Heater Problem

Monitor Oil heaters use kerosene for fuel, and it’s important to keep the heater on an outside wall and ventilated- it has to draw outside air in for combustion. They work on the general principle of hot air rising, so they are often placed in the basement, but without ductwork in a house, air flow may not give you even heating in every room in the house. That leaves you feeling hot and cold as you make your way through the home. Toi solve this, people often crank up the temperature, which just leaves you with warm and hotter spots, while wasting a lot of energy, and costing you money.

Window Air Conditioners- Pros and Cons

While window air conditioners usually cost only a couple hundred dollars, and you can install them yourself, they have issues. Namely you need more than one to keep your home comfortable, and the costs add up- as do the downsides!

  • Window air conditioners are heavy and bulky, and take up a window in your home for a good portion of the year.  

  • You always have to guess the right time to install the unit for the season, and when to put it in storage for the Winter- and that can leave you sweating when we have those unexpectedly warm days in late Fall, or freezing on cold snap days in Spring.

  • They tend to be inefficient energy hogs.

  • They’re noisy!

  • They often don’t do a very good job of distributing cool air evenly through your home, giving you warm and cold spots throughout. Sitting in front of one can freeze you out of the room.

In addition, if you don’t install they correctly and store them correctly, you can get a buildup of mold and mildew which can make you sick, and really reduce your indoor air quality.

Mitsubishi Ductless to the Rescue!

When we met the Homeowners and saw their home, it was clear that a Mitsubishi Hyperheat ductless system would be a great way to add both heating and cooling to the home, while adding efficiency to keep their energy bills under control!

Mitsubishi Ductless systems consist of two main parts- an outdoor condenser unit, and indoor cassettes, often mounted up on a wall. The outdoor high-efficiency heat pump can deliver both heating and cooling to up to 8 indoor units or cassettes. Each indoor cassette can be independently controlled, creating separate zones of heating and cooling wherever they are placed!

Since each indoor unit can be controlled independently, it means you have a lot more control of your comfort- and people in the living room can set the comfort level differently that someone in the bedroom- making sure everyone gets the comfort they crave when they need it.

Another great feature of Mitsubishi ductless heat pump is that they are whisper quiet. That makes them a great option to heat or cool master bedrooms, family rooms and other areas where family gathers. This also became very popular as an option for a home office during the pandemic. That means whether you are having a movie night, or just looking for a peaceful night’s sleep, the quiet Mitsubishi ductless heating and cooling system can deliver for you!

Energy Efficiency and Control

For this home, we suggested 2 zones of heating and cooling. We installed one indoor head that would heat and cool the main Kitchen and family room area, and one for the master bedroom. With the layout of the home, and by placing the units up on a wall, the indoor units use their advanced sensors to monitor both heat and humidity in the room, and make the adjustments necessary to ensure complete comfort. The units distribute the heated or cooled air throughout the whole room, eliminating those hot and cold spots you get with other options.

Best of all, Mitsubishi ductless is highly efficient- up to 70% more efficient than electric baseboards, and up to 30% more efficient than window air conditioners. That means the systems use a lot less energy to operate, and than leads you to big savings every month on your energy bills- something every homeowner can appreciate.

Savings and Rebates

Because these systems are so energy efficient, they qualify for rebates from Duke Energy AND tax credits under the Inflation Reduction Act, up to $2,000 depending on the installation. That helps make upgrading the heating and cooling in your home even more affordable up front- but the real benefit you’ll see every month, winter and summer, with smaller energy bills!

Our homeowners were thrilled with the outcome, and are already enjoying the comfort and the savings each month, especially as the weather changes here in the Carolinas.

Are You Running Hot and Cold?

Is your heating and cooling system leaving you hot and cold? Do you have portions of your home that are never really comfortable? Are you dealing with high energy bills each month, and thinking there has to be a better way?

If so, give us a call here at Blue Ridge Heating and Air. We’re happy to come out, inspect your current system, and see whether a simple tune up or a supplemental heating and cooling system might be exactly what you need.  And now with rebates and tax credits available, it may be more affordable than ever- give us a call for more information!