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Indoor Air Quality is a Real Problem

According to the EPA, the quality of the air in our homes is significantly worse than the quality of the air outside. This is not a function of how clean your home is, although we have seen situations where indoor air quality was made significantly worse by the homeowner’s lifestyle.

Residential air filtration systems improve the quality of the air in our homes in four primary ways. The results can be as simple as a more pleasant overall smell, or as life-changing as improved health, resulting in fewer missed days of school and work.


Young Man Using An Inhaler

If you or a family member suffers from respiratory issues, a proper air filtration system can truly make your home an oasis of easy breathing by eliminating airborne allergens and pathogens.


Cleaning Products

You love a clean home and use a variety of cleaning products to keep your home clean. Many of these popular products contain volatile organic compounds, also known as VOCs that can wreak havoc on people with sensitive respiratory systems.


Cooking Smells

Fish for dinner? You would never know it when you use an indoor air purifier. Cooking smells, locker room odors, and musty smells caused by dampness will vanish when you have a proper air filtration system.


Dusty Furniture

Would you like to dust your furniture less frequently? How about breathing in less of that dust? Your air filtration system will dramatically reduce the amount of airborne dust in your home.

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