Installing A Trane HVAC System In Pisgah Forest, NC

This lovely home in Pisgah Forest had a heating and cooling system that was continually having problems. The energy bill kept climbing, and the system kept going out. Paying for repairs was starting to really add up. As a result, they gave us a call here at Blue Ridge Heating and Air to see what we would recommend.

Whenever we see someone who has a system that has been struggling, our expert team members work together to try to get to the bottom of the problem and come up with the best solution for each situation. HVAC systems are complex, and replacing them is a big investment, so we want to make sure our homeowners know all their options and can make an informed decision about whether it’s time to consider a new system.

Problem: The existing system wasn’t working well and left the family uncomfortable.

Solution: The old system had come to the end of its life span and a new Trane system would provide the family with better comfort throughout the home, while also improving efficiency and lowering energy costs.

When To Repair VS When To Replace An HVAC System

There are a few general rules of thumb about when you should consider whether to repair or replace your HVAC system.

Cost To Repair

One factor to consider is when repairs cost more than $2,000. It’s clear that if repairs are going to be costly, it might be time to consider replacement versus repair.

Warranty Coverage

If your system is still under warranty, it’s likely to be cheaper to have the unit repaired rather than replace it. If your unit is out of warranty, the amount and frequency of repairs will help make your decision easier on whether it’s time to replace the old system.

Your System Still Uses R-22 Freon

If you have an older air conditioning system, it may still run on Freon, an older, and environmentally toxic coolant. Since freon has been phased out, it is very difficult and very expensive to get more freon to recharge a system after it has a leak. Newer systems use a different type of coolant have higher pressure requirements and are not compatible. If your older AC system is having issues, you will want to consider a replacement, since this repair is likely to be expensive, and future repairs may not be possible.

Your System Is 10+ Years Old

Newer HVAC systems have improved their efficiency significantly. With electronic ignitions, there’s never a worry about a pilot light, and there are significant savings with the increased efficiencies that translate into direct savings on your energy bills each month, Winter and Summer.

If your system is over 10 years old, you’ll want a thorough evaluation of your current system and whether it will be more cost-effective to invest in a new system than start down a road of costly repairs on an aging system.

You’ve Had 3 Or More Repairs In The Past Three Years

If your system is starting to have more frequent problems, it’s likely starting to get to the end of its lifecycle. If you’ve had three or more repairs over the last couple of years, it’s probably time to start considering making a system replacement and start budgeting for that expense.

You Plan On Staying In Your Home For 7 Or More Years

If you are going to be in your home long term, investing in a new system will give you greater comfort that you will be able to enjoy. If you are moving in the next few years, you may want to repair the current system, where you may not see the full value during your stay.

Calculating Costs and Age of Your System

Trane actually has a calculator on their website that can help you compare the amount a repair will cost with the age of a machine to help determine whether a repair or replacement is a better financial decision. Click here to learn more.

For this home, the homeowners were looking for a high-performance system and chose a split system with a single-stage Trane XR14 heat pump, with a SEER2 rating of up to 14.8. They also chose a 3-ton Trane TEM4 air handler. These units have less than 2% air leakage, making them very energy efficient. Trane systems also tend to be quieter than other models, meaning you won’t hear tons of outdoor noise when your system kicks on, making a big difference if your system is located near a porch, deck or patio.

In this case, the outdoor condenser unit is located at the side of the home, near the backyard. We made sure the unit was elevated off the ground, to make it easier to keep clear of dirt, leaves and other debris that might impact its performance.

There are so many brands out there- what one is right for you?

Like all HVAC contractors, we work with many different types of systems. One of the reasons we recommend Trane systems is that they have the highest predicted reliability and owner satisfaction according to Consumer Reports, which surveyed over 13,000 people with heat pumps installed between 2005 and 2021. Installing systems that will keep our homeowners comfortable and satisfied with their purchases is a win for everyone!

Additional Benefits

In addition, the high efficiency of the new Trane heat pump system is that it is eligible for rebates with Duke Energy and tax credits of up to $2,000 through the new Inflation Reduction Act. That means a new system can end up being more cost-effective for you and your family than ever before.

Our homeowners were happy to have a new system with a registered limited warranty of ten years. That means our homeowners will have the peace of mind of having parts covered for a full decade! With the added efficiency and comfort of the new system, our homeowners should see their monthly energy bills stabilize and even go down with the new system.

Is Your HVAC System Making You Hot Under the Collar?

If your heating and cooling system is letting you down when you need it most, or starting to need repairs more frequently, give us a call at Blue Ridge Heating and Air for a full evaluation of your current system.

We’ll look at everything that affects your current system performance, and see what can be done to make sure you’re getting the comfort you deserve. And if it’s time to consider a new system, we’ll be sure to help you pick out a solution that will not only keep your family comfortable but make sure it fits your budget as well.